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SEO Pagebar 1.1

Uhhh… has been a long night, yesterday. Sebastian wanted to start his Webcoding Blog and me to introduce him into the World of WordPress. „How did you do this? What about a plugin for that? How do you manage the WordPress CMS thing? What about the Pagebar?“ Hmmm… lot`s of questions… Shit. 😉

I said something like: „Hey guy, you will not be able to learn everything within a day! And to be fair, I`m not god. I don`t know everything about WordPress but I can tell you how the things work, how to start. I can also give you some plugin support. Finally you can get a few templates to start with… But listen. I have a little problem with a Pagebar Plugin that might become a problem for you, too. So I suggest that we will not close our nightly skype developer session until this problem is fixed as well as yours. As you are a coder I`m sure we`ll find a solution for my SEO Pagebar Plugin tonight. Do we have a deal?“

Sebastian aggreed and after a lot of trial and error we finally made the SEO Pagebar Plugin work in our WordPress CMS. It was about 2 o`clock in the morning when we finished. YEAH! DONE! 😉

We already have some new ideas for SEO Pagebar 1.2 or later. But let`s see what the current SEO Pagebar could do for us right now:

Seitennavigation - WordPress Pagebar Plugin

Currently SEO Pagebar 1.1. can do the following:

  • Since SEO Pagebar 1.0 we already get more link juice for our articles. I rebuild the Pagebar Plugin from Elektroelch to get more spread out of it. Old features are supported but SEO Pagebar works a little bit different to share more PageRank with older articles we have and to enlarge our page navigation a bit.
  • With SEO Pagebar 1.1 we now can make use of the SEO Pagebar Plugin not only in standard WordPress Blogs but also if we make use of a WordPress Page. This is important if we want to use the CMS functions of WordPress in order to have a self designed homepage.

CMS Example:

This is my homepageThis is my Blog PageThis is a category page, my ‚Internet Category‘

If you tell WordPress to make use of a special Homepage Template the Blog Page normally does not exist anymore. With a little trick you can get your Blog Page back. But if you do so the Blog Page really is a WordPress Page, even if you include your index.php. And that`s why it had been so difficult to include a Pagebar in it which normally works only on index.php or archive.php. The database requests are very different.

The Results:

SEO Pagebar 1.1 works perfectly with every WordPress Standard Blog. (No exceptions known yet.)

If you like to make use of SEO Pagebar 1.1. within a CMS configuration
you should be aware of the following:

Within Pages and Archives WordPress internally works very different. We have not been able to sort out all problems we saw. Normal inclusion should work fine for everyone as long as you let your Blog show 10 articles per page (CMS solution problem only). Otherwise the system internally wouldn`t count correct so that the SEO Pagebar Plugin would have to be modified manually.

To do`s:

  • Coming soon: Solution to show more or less than 10 articles per page without having to modify the plugin. The plugin should accept admin values than. (CMS solution problem only.)
  • Perhaps a CSS Solution for the SEO Pagebar Plugin.

Any other ideas? Anyone?

How to Update to SEO Pagebar 1.1:
Just deactivate your old plugin, upload SEO Pagebar 1.1 and activate it.

Same way as before. (You might want to have a look at the readme.txt included with your download.)

Other notices:
No warranty, GPL Licence, everything you do you do on your own risk.

SEO Pagebar 1.1

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  8. Whoopster

    Danke für das Plugin.
    Ich habe mir heute erstmals Gedanken gemacht dass ich die Seitennavigation anpassen könnte und bin direkt auf dieses Plugin gestoßen!

    Schöne Grüße,

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